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October 2013

"If you have a question for me, enter this room. It exists just for us. A place for you to come to ask me whatever you wish. A chance for us to get closer. Share your thoughts, tell me your story, ask me your questions.  They will be answered."


Hi Candice,

First of all, I would like to thank you for reading this. Really, it means a lot to me :)

Since Under a Violet Moon, Blackmore's Night has been an important part of my life and I really don't know what I would do without listening to it every single day of my life. The music makes me fly beyond my dreams, to places that I don't know, makes me travel around the world and calms me down in my stressful moments. All I wish is to thank god for giving you this beautiful and unique voice, and thank you for sharing it with us through your music.

Blackmore's Night is always present in my moments. I like to write so when I start, I always put some songs of you and it makes my imagination fly! The music gives me an inspiration that I cannot define, it's something we just feel! My friends always refer to you as "my goddess" because they know how important you and Blackmore's Night are important to me.

Just LOVED Dancer and The Moon! I felt lots of feelings when I first listened this CD and I'm addicted! My favorite ones are Troika and The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over The Sea). They mean a lot to me!

I don't have any question. I just want to thank you for all your music and for all the kindness you show on your twitter and blog. Wish the best and true happiness for you and your family! Forever =)

Actually, I have one question: Blackmore's Night has plans to come to Brazil? My dream is to see a show of my favorite band! If not, I think I'll have to travel to Europe! haha

Cheers, Candice! Love you!

I would love to come to Brazil, but it seems that economic reasons are keeping our touring to certain regions in Europe. So, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad you are enjoying the music and hope to see you in Europe!

Love and light,


Dear Candice,

I'm Daiane and I live in Campinas, Brazil. First of all, I'd like to compliment you for your amazing voice and your brilliant work.

My question for you relies on studying music. I currently have singing lessons with a great teacher, Fabiano Negri, and I'm working really hard to improve continuously.

Which would be your tips for someone who wants to be a singer?

Thank you so much,

My tip is to sound like yourself. Your own identity is so very important in a world where everyone is trying to sound like everyone else.

You can be inspired by others, but stay true to your own voice. Also, sing from your heart. If you need to close your eyes to forget others are watching, that's fine. Feel the spirit of the song and channel it through you. Feel the journey of the emotion as the words resonate with you deeply and let your voice reflect all you feel.

Good luck.

Love and light,


Hi Candice,

I am a great admirer of you and Ritchie. I once saw a video interview of both of you and you both have such great personalities and are such good people with all the nonsense going on in the world, it's refreshing to be in the same time as both of you. I'm originally from Oakdale,south shore and lived in Hauppauge for a few years.(love Branchinelli's!)

I was wondering if you guys will ever play here in Budapest,Hungary?. Please W/B and let me know if you both have any plans for the future playing in Budapest. You can be our guests when you come here next time. It would be an honor and a priviledge. Congratulations on your son and best wishes for the future.

Sam & Gizella

Hi Sam and Gizella ,
Branchinelli's was my first paying job while in high school. We have played in Budapest a number of times, and I love Hungary so I do hope to be able to play there again very soon. It has been a few years since our last visit there. I am a bit obsessed with the embroidery and hand crafts that are there. Would love to come back soon!

Love and light,


Hi Candice,

Greetings from Kiev! Can't wait for my first Blackmore's Night concert and the new album, wish it was June already :)
The tracklist looks very, very intriguing. Lady in Black is a surprise. The Temple of the King was played now and then since the first Blackmore's Night shows and - finally - found its way to the record. Also there is a very nice addition to your collection of "dark coloured" songs with words like 'Moon', 'night' and 'star' in the title. You seem to have enough of them to even make a thematic setlist :). Why not to revisit some old gems like Shadow of the Moon, it would be great. Or think about covering Moonlight Shadow or Sisters of the Moon.

Now my question. Seeing your recent photosession pics with Autie (she's a beautiful angel))), I'm very curious, are your little ones, Autumn and Rory, present in any form on the new album? Or can you see them taking some part in the creative process in the future?

I wish all your family to have a happy and joyful month of May!
Hope to see (and hear) you soon in Kiev! :-)

Warmest regards, Oksana

Blackmore's Night Ukrainian Fan Club

Hello Oksana,
Thank you for your question. It has been quite a while since we were last in the Ukraine and we are very much looking forward to coming back in a few days for our show. I'm glad that the new cd has intrigued you. I think you will like what we have done with the cover songs as well as the new tracks. The moon and night are always important inspirations for us and will probably be involved with our writings forever... Whats more captivating than the mystery of the moon?
I don't know of we could do better than how we originally recorded Shadow of the Moon. I feel that song was really well done and can't imagine what we'd add to make it any different. Moonlight Shadow on the other hand is one that has been coming up in conversations about cover tunes for years and we often play that one in impromptu acoustic surroundings.
Thank you for your compliments on Autumn. She has me in awe daily. As does Rory. I think that, as they affect my life with every moment, every breath and every step...of course they are present on the new cd. In inspiration , as always... and in many ways.
They are part of my life and therefore always part of my creative process...
Thank you for your question!
Love and light,

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