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Between Us

May 2005

"If you have a question for me, enter this room. It exists just for us. A place for you to come to ask me whatever you wish. A chance for us to get closer. Share your thoughts, tell me your story,ask me your questions.  They will be answered."


Hello Candice

My name is Ariele. I am going to be 5 on March 22.
Blackmore's Night is my favourite band. I like to listen to you when I am in the car with my daddy.

He is a big fan as well. I am waiting for your next cd.I would also like to see the DVD that my daddy is telling me about.

I like to go to the Renaissaance Faire in the summer , my family takes me often..My favourite thing is dressing up like a Faery.

I hope to hear from you sometime and come to Canada.

Your Friend Ariele

Hello Ariele,
What a beautiful name... You can tell your daddy that the DVD is almost finished and will be released by the end of May! It is good news....we have been working on it for a long time. But we are very pleased with the way it has come out. Our new cd willbe out a few months after the DVD is released so you may have to be patient on that for just a little longer. It is wonderful that you have the fairy spirit! Good for you... remember to always feel that way...magic will follow you wherever you go! Since you like fairys, I hope you got a chance to see us in Faerie Magazine this month! You can find it at www.faeriemagazine.com and they will send a copy right to your home!

Aren't the Renaissance Faire's great? I think, as a present, that this year on my birthday Ritchie is planning on taking me to a Renaissance faire to celebrate! But I don't know which one yet. I do love surprises!

So, I hope you enjoy the DVD when it comes out, and the faires and Faeries! Perhaps we shall meet in Canada some day soon...

Love and light,

my Name is Mirco, I'm the Bassplayer from the Band "Moonshine" (Germany)!
I have read the Guestbook on your Site and found a Entry, where you count serveral BN Cover bands!

"What a wonderful idea! I am aware of a few bands around the world that cover our music and help us to spread the magic."

That was your answer! I"m glad about that, so... We play Blackmores Night Songs, too. Because this kind of Music is so wonderful to play and to listen. Everyone like this Music. Thanks

There are some old and short records on the Page. Actually we worked on our own Songs (Our guitar player gave Ritchie our 3 Track Demo Cd at Concert here in germany!)

What I want to say is, we hope me meet at our Site! You and Ritchie are always welcome at www.moon-shine.com ! If you like it, be pleased to sign our Guestbook!

many many lovley greeting from MOONSHINE

Hello Micro,
I've just been to your site... I've never seen one like that before! I love the faded effect that brightens when you hover over it... Very cool... I also have listened to your sound clips...Your band sounds so good! The sound is excellent and I really like the quality of the singer's voice... Thank you for helping to share our music, in your own interpretation, with the world. I know that others who read this will be checking out your site as well... I hope to be able to see you play one day...Keep playing and we'll see you in Germany later this year, perhaps!

I enjoyed your original music as well... I think Tears in My Eyes is my favorite one...

Best of luck with your music...
Love and light,

Dear Candice,

Let me start off by saying how much I love your's and Ritchie's work together. I have all of your studio albums and love them all to death. They put me in such a great mood, and it's great to listen to them after work to have them take me to another place. I'm also a gigantic fan of Ritchie. Rainbow are one of my very favorite bands and I adore his work in Deep Purple as well.

On to what I am actualy writing the Email about. I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania... about 40 minutes or so from the Rennisaince Fairegrounds. When I found out that Blackmore's Night had gone there in the past I cursed myself for not going that year. I've gone every year since, and have been hoping that maybe one day you could return. I love the PA Renn Faire, and having you there playing would be such a fantastic experience! Any chance of Blackmore's Night coming back to our Faire?


Hi Brandon,
Thank you for your compliments... What you are feeling is exactly what we were hoping you'd feel... I, personally, get so tired of the "mainstream music" having 2 categories...either overt sexuality or anger... I miss the songs that make you feel positive energy... So we create our own! And Ritchie, well he just gets better with time...he's always been amazing...

We actually go to the Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire every year so I'm sure that if we are in the country we'll be back again this year. It's one of our favorites.

But as an insight into the upcoming DVD, one year we played a completely impromptu performance at that Faire, on the Globe Theater stage in front of the Queen! A friend of mine had a camcorder and taped it and we are looking to include it in the personal home footage of our DVD!
So look for that...I think you'll recognize the surroundings!
See you there....

Love and light,

Dear Candice,
My name is Lena, I'm 17 years old.I desided to write you because your musik is realy magestik, and I wat to talk with woman who writes so beautiful poems.

I live in Moldova, it is a small country, and there aren't many people whu can understand your music. The first CD of you musik I heard was Blackmoure's kingdom. I'd like it very mutch.Then I bought other CDs. It's imposible but I began to belive in magik again. Thank you for it.

Your fan Lena.
P.S. Sorry for my bed English

Hello dear Lena,
Thank you for your letter. It means a lot to me that you enjoy our music and my words and that you can see the pictures that we are painting in our music...

But I must tell you that Blackmore's Kingdom isn't us! Someone has taken a few of our songs and many more of their own and put them out on a cd and put our faces and names to them! It is very upsetting, because we believe that musicians should shine in their own right...not pretend to be someone else. So, since it is being deceitful to our fans whom we love dearly, it hurts us that someone would do that. I wish that the person who put that album out would be proud enough of himself /herself to claim it as their own, instead of hiding behind us. We have the following albums out at this point (more to be released this year!) : Shadow of the Moon, Under A Violet Moon, Fires At Midnight, Ghost of a Rose, Beyond the Sunset and Past Times With Good Company (our double live album). So, if you see something that is being passed off as us, but doesn't have one of the following titles, I can not vouch for it. But, either way, if you have enjoyed the music and it has taken you to a magical place, that is all that really matters. I just wanted you to be aware...
Love and light,

My dearest lady,
So much I have to say, yet still to be as concise as possible!
I really hope that this mail won't end in thy recycle bin, as I guess you don't get many letters from Serbia! I must say that I can't understand why I get so overwhelmed by your music and lyrics each time I listen to them, but I don't even want to understand, I am happy that they exist anyway. It helped me so much in many moments of despair and misery, such as the family problems, grandfather's death, my best friend being murdered, love problems, and I find a very safe refuge in the world of BN, a world much better than the Earth we are standing on. It is not easy to live in Serbia these days, Although my marks are good, and I wish to study history one day, I doubt that I'll be able to find a job in that profession here. But in instants of despair and loneliness, I try to write stories, poems.... I even started 3 years ago- I was 14 then, writing a novel with a plot in medieval England-your influence! Writing helps me so much to release the pain, anger, sorrow and all other negative feelings out of me, and to stay with positive feelings only. That's why most of my poems and stories are quite dark and bleak. Hopefully, I will translate to you one story of mine and send it to you.

I plead you in this mail to consider coming to Serbia, we have a few beautiful castles here (Kalemegdan near Belgrade, Petrovaradin near Novi Sad....), and you have many fans here, and Ritchie is....simply a living legend! I would die to hear Ghost of a Rose live, that song is a pure perfection. And as I have been a Serbian folk dancer for the past 10 years, I promise that I'll perform our dances in front of the stage if you come here(that's how you'll recognize me!).

And, I have one stupid question for thee: Do you try to get the British accent while singing? It sounds so interesting! Shine on!
And I am also sending you one short poem of mine, that I wrote when my beloved girl broke my heart!

Nikola, 17

Hello Nikola,
Thank you for your poetry...I really like the imagery that you are portraying. It's so cleansing, isn't it? To put the darkness and shadows into words and translate them into the depth of a poem that paints pictures with those same shadows. To channel your emotions and fears and see the light at the end of the tunnel in words...I always find that the depths of emotion that sadness and despair bring always brings me to pen and paper and is therapeutic as well as allowing me to be creative but also getting the sadness out and onto the paper...so it doesn't bring me down further nor affect anyone else. Your words are very beautiful...dark but hopeful and intriguing...Write on...poet....
I am glad that you are able to use our music to help you through some difficult times. Music is an amazing friend, isn't it? A soft shoulder to cry on, a reminder that things will get better, one who understands all the feelings you experience good and bad and the intensity of them, and never judges...
I wish I knew more about Serbia...I must admit I don't know much about your land. But I love to come to places that I am unfamiliar with and absorb the culture, history and legends of those lands...Our touring has brought me to places I never knew much about...Turkey, Bulgaria, Lativa, Estonia...so it is possible that we may come visit you, too , one day. I will request it to our agent.

As for your question, it is funny how that accent comes out sometimes, isn't it? I'm not English, nor do I have English ancestry. But I try to channel the spirit of the song and express it as I feel it wants to...needs to...be expressed. Sometimes those words come out sounding as if I have an English accent. I don't mean for it to happen...I suppose its just who the song is. Even Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull assumed I was English through the music, till he met me and he realized I wasn't. A bit of a shock for him, I think.

I will look for you to be dancing when we come to you...until that time, keep dancing writing and believing...

Much love,

Hallo, dear Candice.
My name is Daria. I'm from Russia.
Excuse me for my English. I wish you understand me.
I'm in frustration. Simply don't know, what to do and where to go.I'm 19. But it seems, that all life has no meaning. I need some tenderness, sincere affection and love. I can't leave without it. At school I had much problems because of my appearance (red hair and freckles). Several of my classmates teased me terribly, I think that led me to my shyness. It goes without saying that because of all this I had no boyfriend at school. My first kiss happened on the prom, when I was already 16 (!). I didn't know that boy before and never saw him again.

Then I entered the university. It turned out suddenly that I'm pretty. Everybody told me about it and nobody teased. I caught friendly eyes. But my shyness prevented me from any communication, especially with young men. Once in July 2004 at my friend Ann's birthday party I met a young man. I liked him. He caught my eyes and gave a wink to me. We didn't talk (it turned out that he is not talkative too), but all the evening he was somewhere near me. Some days later I looked in my friend's mobile phone and got to know the number of Dmitry (the name of the youth). I sent him sms. And we started a correspondence (no calls, just sms). Then I had some problems with computer and asked him to help. He came several times, doing something with it, once we went for a walk. There was nothing, but I hoped that he had some feelings. I thought that he could become my first boyfriend. But once Ann asked me to give him Nastya's regards. After that he became absolutely cold. I asked him, if I tried to take the place that belonged to someone else. And he answered Yes".

It seemed that the world crashed down. Some time later I continued sending him sms. I asked him, were we friends. He told Yes". Then we started e-mail correspondence. During it he told me how he loved his girl and that he would never desert her. After about 3 months of such communication, he told me, that he wanted to meet me. We kissed a lot. I told him that didn't want to destroy anything in his relations with Nastya. He answered that there were no relations but friendship and his hopes and fantasy, that her wishes (to be only friends) were higher then his. Then we met again. But after that he told Ann about our meetings, and she (I think) told him that Nastya loves him, but fears serious relations. He told me about it and said that we wouldn't meet again until the clarification of the situation. My heart was broken again.

Some days later he told that Nastya loved him as a friend only, and asked me for resumption of our relations. I told that he offended me and we would be just friends. But I wanted to feel myself a grownup and get some caress. So soon we began to meet again. Everything happened. We continued to meet. He looked absolutely happy. But I always feared that each meeting could become the last one. That's why I tried not to fall in love with him, tried to look skeptically on everything. On the 14th of February he told me that he loved me (for the first time), that he wanted to stay with me forever. That was the end. I reminded him all his words about his love to Nastya and his everlasting faith" to her, told him in rude words that he spoiled our friendship and so on. I told him, that he would stand on pas and run to her, if she called. He promised to ask for my permission before doing this. I told him that words of love from him were the worst thing, that had ever happened to me, that I wanted just friendship and physical relations" sometimes. He agreed, but since that time he became too cold. Once I asked him again were we friends. And he answered No". I asked if he wanted sex with me. Again No". Then I told him that I loved him, because I didn't want to lose him. He answered that he loved me and many whom else. I told then (to tease him or something like this), that there was no reason for me with whom to do everything. He didn't answer on my countless sms for several days. I became very angry and told him, that if there was no friendship it meant that he just wanted to get sex for free, and asked him to bring me money for it (I didn't want to get them of course, I just wanted to tease him and make him talking to me). We agreed to meet. When we met I asked him to go to the cinema with me. There, while watching the film, he took my hand. And suddenly I realized that I loved him very much, I wanted to sit with him hand to hand for eternity. After the film he saw me to subway. There we just stood face to face. I couldn't go away. We embraced. I felt tears on my cheeks. Then I pushed him off and went away without saying a word. I deleted his number from my mobile phone. But soon realized that couldn't leave without him. I tried to remember the number, I'm sure that I remember it. I sent him sms where described the situation and asked a question, was that he or not. That was 2 days ago. There is no answer. I sent him on e-mail that I love him, and there is no answer too.
It is strange you think, that all our talks were by way of sms or e-mail. Actually. I feel some dislike to telephone talks and to talks at all.

I love him. I understand that offended him greatly when he told me about his love. It is insufferable to feel that I spoiled everything. But at the same time I understand that maybe that's not the reason.

I love him, want only him, can't live without him. He is the finest man I ever met. Maybe the story shows him not from his best sight, but he is really the best, believe me. What can I do? Nothing, I think.
I just listen to your songs and can't stop crying.

Dear Daria,
I am so worried for you... I know that you say that this man is the finest man you have ever met...But to me he seems confused. It may be that he does care for you very much. But I am not worried for him....only you. I think that you may see the idea of love in a way that is not very healthy for you. When you began your letter about your childhood, I knew that you would find your beauty and others would as well...You sound very beautiful to me. But it may be that when you felt shy and alone and were teased when you were young lead to you feeling like now if someone gives you compliments and attention that may be what you consider to be "love". I don't think that I am going to tell you anything that you don't already know. I know you have an idea what the "right" answer is because of what you have written to me.You know that when you love someone, the communication you have with them is not only by sms or email. Do you think it may be possible that you think you love him because it hurts so much when he rejects you that you feel you MUST have him? Do you feel that it reflects badly on you in someway if he runs away or doesn't answer you? It doesn't... His actions are all about him....not you.... Is it possible that perhaps you just want to be in love so badly that you are defining what you have with him as love? I can promise you it isn't true love. And you may be mad at me for saying this... I'm sorry... But true love doesn't treat you as he is treating you... True love doesn't allow you to treat yourself this way. True love brings many more smiles than tears... and that is not what I see happening here.

You say he is the finest man you have ever met, but I don't think you are allowing yourself many other opportunities to meet other men because you are so caught up in what is happening with this one. This answer is not to make any less of your feelings or pain... they are real, valid and deep. I know... But I think that you need time to heal...to discover yourself and when you do I promise someone will appear to you. Someone who treats you as you deserve to be treated.... And you will look back on this relationship and wonder why....

I know that it will be difficult and that when he doens't write to you you feel rejected, but that should make you strong enough to walk away...not to accept him each time he feels like returning to you. What about what you feel?

So please...take time away from him...heal, look for the beauty around you. Go out with friends and laugh. Take your mind off of this and wait...your prince will come and treat you like his princess...And your smile will warm all of those around you...

Be well,

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