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Between Us

July 2006

"If you have a question for me, enter this room. It exists just for us. A place for you to come to ask me whatever you wish. A chance for us to get closer. Share your thoughts, tell me your story,ask me your questions.  They will be answered."


Hello candice, I have a been a fan of your music since " Shadow of The Moon, and so far have managed to collect everything you have released, including the Castles And Dreams dvd, which i think is excellent, I only wish i had been at the concert, your singing is clear, I hear every word,no need for sub titles, and of course your guitarist (Ritchie is his name right? ha ha ), is in fine form as are the rest of the band, thankyou for giving us this wonderful music, I play it to my friends, and they all love it..one question, can you tell me when you and Ritchie were married please?
Thankyou again

Hello Clive,
Thanks and I am so pleased that you enjoyed Castles and Dreams. Yes, that was a magical night and a lot of work was put into that DVD so its always nice to hear when people enjoy it...

Ritchie and I have been together since 1989 and have been living together since 1991 and engaged since 1994. As for marriage, well, we have yet to take that long trip down the aisle...But when we do, I promise, I will let everyone know...


Dear Candice,
Firstly I would like to thank you for sharing your wonderful music with the world. I cannot express how much your music has touched my life. I was fortunate enough to attend your holiday concert in New York and I will never forget what a magical night it was! I hope that you play New York soon, I would love to see you and Blackmore's Night again.

My favorite Blackmore's Night song happens to be "Fires at Midnight". I listen to this song every day and find myself entranced by the beautiful lyrics and instruments. I was wondering if you could tell what inspired you to write this song. What do the lyrics mean and where do they come from?
Also, perhaps this is a rather stupid question, but I was wondering if you could tell me why a stuffed animal (a possum, I think) is always tied to a pole on the stage when you give a concert. I've seen this a few times, on the DVD and in pictures. Can you tell me what it means?

Thank you for your time, if you happen to read this letter. I hope to see you in concert soon!

Much love and thanks,
Lee Anne

Hello Lee Anne,
Thank you for your kind words and I'm so glad to know that our music has inspired you. That is a great compliment. Fires At Midnight was taken from a melody written by King Alfonse the 10th in the 12th century in Spain. The lyric content was inspired a night we spent in Czech Republic while touring there. On the 30th of April they have a traditional burning throughout the fields and hills in the outskirts of Prague. There were fires as far as the eye could see. It was for Witches Night, you can read more about it here. That is what the song was born from, lyrically. The wisdom of the olde ways, the magic and mystery in nature and being in awe of it all. Speaking to the stars to get guidance, allowing the magic to surround you, and not to be swept up in madness and superstition that may pull you down. I hope this makes sense...
As far as the possum is concerned: we have many animals that call our garden their home. One day, while recording, Ritchie was putting down his guitar parts and a possum came and looked in the window. He sat there watching Ritchie until the guitar tracks were complete, then he waddled away. Ritchie loved this sight so much that he wrote 2 songs for the possum: Possums Last Dance and Possum Goes To Prague. So now, wherever we go, we take the spirit of the curious possum with us on stage and see what other music he will inspire us to create!
Thanks for your questions.

Love and light,

Dear Candice,

I recently saw a presentation on PBS and it was the first time I've ever
heard your music. I must say I love it. I am so into the renaissance era
that I joined our local faire. I was wondering where one might be able to
purchase a Shawm? I play the clarinet now but would love to try something
new. Also where would one look to find one that looks authentic? Thanks for
listening and I await your response. Keep singing and keep that wonderful
smile of your's.

Christina m.

Hello Christina,
It is wonderful that you saw our PBS performance. It will continue to be aired across the USA throughout 2006. We were so pleased to have worked together with them. As you can imagine, shawms are not easily acquired. I tend to get mine on our travels, by luck, in some old music shops. I found a cornamuse in New Hope Pennsylvania and a Pommard in Czech! But for a good standard, I tend to order mine through e-m-s.com in Bradford. We stop off there whenever we are in England and close enough to the shop and always leave with at least one instrument! Also, try experimenting. Reeds make all the difference, so dont get discouraged on your first few tries. you have to get a couple of reeds and play with them a bit to know if they'll be right for you and the instrument. But since you already play the clarinet I'm sure you know the blessings and curses or reeds. The shawm is an interesting instrument and well worth the aggravation! If its an authentic bombastic sound you seek...look no further! For a more rounded sound, try a rauschepfife.

Best of luck,

Dear Candice,

My name is Petteri and I'm from Finland.
I heard your music for the first time in the last summer and I've been
totally hooked since then. And when I noticed that you and Ritchie and the
other minstrels will be coming to Finland, I was so happy. I bought the
tickets in the same moment and now I'm counting down the days to meet you.
Thank you so much for making my dream coming true.

I have also a few questions. The first is about Ritchie. I've been
wondering, how many guitars does he have? Lots of, that's for sure. That's
enough talking about Ritchie and his guitars. Let's talk about you and your
collection of witches. How's your witch collection doing, do you still keep
collecting them and perhaps you have some from Finland also? My last
question is about your songs that you play live. Have you played each one of
your songs live or is there some songs you haven't?

I'm really looking forward seeing you and I can't wait for your new studio
album coming out.

Once again Thank You and we'll see you soon,


Hello Petteri,
I hope that you were at the show and had a good time! Ritchie has quite a few guitars, but when he plays around the house, as he does for at least 6 hrs a day, he always relys on his acoustics. Those are Fylde and Lakewoods. The other guitars, if they are to be used on tour, are usually in storage and the ones that he doesnt often use...sometimes he donates them to charities. But his favorites are the ones that have stood the test of time. I do still occasionally collect witches, though I have quite a collection now too. I usually only like to get them if they are "different"...sort of like I feel I am... or if they speak to me or if they are given to me by fans. Then they will come home with me and join the rest of the group, though I am running out of room! It is interesting to me thought how something. like a witch, or it could be anything for that matter, can appear so different throughout the world, though it is the same. The Pendle Witches of England, the Smoker Witches in Germany; the Brazilian Witches made of clay... There is a moral to that somewhere...
As far as the songs go, there are many songs that we haven't played live yet, and probably never will. A lot of thought goes into the set list- tempos, keys, how many songs the band must remember... There are songs I'd love to do, but they don't fit in unless something else drops out. Which is a shame... But with each new album, and aprx 16 songs per album, it would be impossible to do them all. Unless you're willing to watch the show as it lasts for 3 days straight? But just because they dont make it to the stage doesnt mean theyre forgotten. Often Ritchie and I go out and play those songs to by-standers who are unfamiliar with what we do and those songs make great impressions...


Dear Candice!

My name is Sergey Uvarov. I'm living in Russia. I've seen your great performance in Moscow at april 19, 2006. And it was unforgettable!!!
Can I ask you some questions? What your impression of russian audience and Russia? And what song from "Village Lanterne" is your favourite? My favourite song from this CD is "Call It Love"! You voice in this song is so sweet and charming, melody is so nice, and words... words is, I think, very wise!

I hope your answer me!
Sergey Uvarov

Hello Sergey,
Thank you for your compliments... you are very sweet. I always love going to Russia. There is so much love for what we are doing by the Russian audiences, they are true lovers of music. As a matter of fact, I brought my brother and sister to Moscow and St Petersburg this year when we toured their because I wanted them to see the Russia I see, meet the people and enjoy the blinis! And so much more... Here are some pictures from our shows in Russia in April. There were so many flowers thrown on stage during the St Petersburg show that I couldn't take them all with me... I love that the people thought enough of us to shower us with flowers...So I take photos of them so they will last forever as will my memories of those nights. Then, when I must leave the country, I donate the flowers to a local hospital so that the people who are sick and healing will have something to brighten their day as well...So thank you all for helping to share the love! My favorite song on Village Lanterne always changes depending on my mood... I am so happy with Windmills, lyrically; Faerie Queen I think the magic and innocence shines through; oh, it is so hard to choose... But I am so happy that you liked Call It Love! That is one of my songs that sat on a shelf collecting dust for a few years before it found a home as a bonus track. I really must get to recording some more of those songs! All in good time...


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