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Background vocalist on Deep Purple's Battle Rages On Tour.


Co-writes Ariel (1st single release) from Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow album - "Stranger In Us All".  "Ariel" charts at #2 in Europe.

Co-writes “Hall of the Mountain King” , "Blackm Masquerade", and “Wolf to the Moon” for Rainbow's "Stranger In Us All” album.


Candice is the 1st woman to ever appear on the front cover of the Japanese magazine "Burrn". "Black Masquerade" is decided, by Burrn magazine, to be the Best Song of the Year (1995). "Black Masquerade" charts at #1 in Japan.  Candice receives her first gold record for her lyric writing on "Stranger In Us All".

1995 - 1996

Tours Europe, Japan and the USA as a background vocalist for Rainbow.


Candice does the background vocals on Ritchie Blackmore's version of  "Apache" for the Shadows tribute album "Twang - a Tribute to Hank Marvin".


May - Blackmore's Night begins. Candice is awarded her 2nd gold record.  She receives a gold disc from Japan for her lyric writing for "Shadow of the Moon".

"Shadow of the Moon" is released in Japan featuring Candice as lyricist and lead singer.  It would sell an overwhelming 100,000 copies in just a few weeks.  It would debut at #14 on the Billboard Album charts in Japan.  "Shadow of the Moon" - released in Europe in June - goes on to chart for 17 weeks. European tour commences.
"No Second Chance" - from "Shadow of the Moon" - spends 3 weeks at chart position 5 on Brazil radio. "Wish You Were Here" - the first radio single released in the United States, reaches #1 on the Gavin Up and Coming AC charts.


After a successful European tour playing castles, theaters and churches throughout Europe, Candice and Ritchie have returned to the studio to write and record their second Blackmore's Night album. "Under A Violet Moon" was released in Japan in April 1999, and world-wide May 1999. Candice and Ritchie appear on VH1-US with Blackmore's Night.


May - Candice Night is the first woman to appear in Burrn Magazine in Japan as their calendar poster. "Under A Violet Moon" debuts at #2 in Japan on the Japanese charts and #12 on the Billboard International Charts. "Under A Violet Moon" debuts at #20 with it's European release on the Billboard charts.

June/July - Candice and Ritchie bring Blackmore's Night back to Europe to play to sold out venues at a ground breaking castle tour throughout Europe.

September - Ritchie and Candice tape upcoming show for CNN World Beat, and their Christmas Special - shown on Christmas day. They also tape a segment for a "Renaissance special" to be aired in 2000.  

October - Blackmore's Night commences the first leg of the US tour - bringing the "Under A Violet Moon" tour to the Midwest/New York area. Blackmore's Night performed two charity shows in October to benefit the Saltare foundation to bring Performing Arts to underprivileged children - also a charity benefit show was performed for abused and homeless animals - donating their time and proceeds of their Halloween show to Best Friends Society and the North Shore Animal League.

December - Daily Telegraph Sunday Edition feature article on Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night. "Under A Violet Moon" wins the #1 Best Vocal album of the Year award from NAV.


January - Blackmore's Night returns to tour Italy.

January/February - Blackmore's Night continued to tour Europe.

May - CNN Worldbeat airs a special on Renaissance music featuring Blackmore's Night Summer - Blackmore's Night returns to Europe for castle tour.


February/April - Recording "Fires At Midnight"

June - Candice Night records guest vocals on 3 songs, "Through the Times", "Golden Hair" and "Promises Under The Rain" on Beto Vasquez's "Infinity" project. Other guest vocalists on Infinity include Sabine from Edenbridge and Tarja from Nightwish. It is released in South America on the Rock Brigade / Laser Company label.

June/July - "Fires At Midnight" by Blackmore's Night is released in Japan and Europe, entering the International German Billboard charts at No.9 , the International Japanese charts at No. 20, Austrian charts at No.34, Czech Republic charts at No.21, and Slovakia charts at No. 26.

July/August - "Fires At Midnight" German Castle tour - They perform a Charity show in Hamburg - All Blackmore's Night proceeds Benefit Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

August - "Fires At Midnight" reaches Number 7 on the New Age Voice US radio charts.

August - Blackmore's Night Guest Appearances: on Fernsehgarten Garden-German TV; on Vabank and the Ice Hockey Stick of the Year Program for Czech Nova TV and live performances on the BingoLotto TV Show in Sweden.

September - "Fires At Midnight" video "Times They Are A Changin'" reaches Number 6 in Canadian MusicMax TV charts.

Sept/Oct - England, Holland, Denmark and Sweden - Fires At Midnight Tour - Sold Out.

Sept/Oct - Candice Night interviews appear in Divka, Cosmo Girl – Czech Republic, Kvety Weekly, Czech Republic, Czech State Radio interview.

October - Musical Discoveries feature length story and photos.

October/Nov - "Times They Are A Changin' " video from "Fires At Midnight" wins the Number 1 TV video award three weeks straight and takes Number 2 for fourth week on Nova TV Czech Republic.

November - "Fires At Midnight" remains high on Russian charts - on "Open Radio" in Moscow "The Times They Are A Changin'" remains in the top 20 hit list for 9 weeks. "I Still Remember" enters rotation in top 20. Show business agency "Intermedia" reports that Fires At Midnight is one of the top 10 International pop bestsellers during Sept and Oct.

December - Charity Benefit performance of Blackmore's Night - All proceeds go to North Shore Animal League and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah to feed and shelter homeless animals.

December - Blackmore's Night "Fires At Midnight" is a finalist on the New Age Voice charts for the best vocal album of the year.


January - The Infinity project is released in Japan with a February release in Finland, March release by Drakkar in Germany.

March - Blackmore's Night special guest performance at the Czech Music Award Ceremony-filmed by Nova TV.

Blackmore's Night performs at Angel Music Award Ceremony in Prague. They received an Eso Award from NOVA TV for their number
one video "The Times They Are A Changin".

April/May - Blackmore's Night tour Russia, Scandinavia and Europe.

June - Candice goes into the studio and records 2 of her own songs: Alone With Fate and Call It Love.


July - Ghost of a Rose is released in Europe and Asia. In Europe it is released in a special edition digi-pack.

October- The release of Ghost of a Rose in the US with the video Way To Mandalay included as a cd-rom.

November - Candice Night performs as guest vocalist on the rock opera "The Story of Aina" along with Sass Jordan, Glen Hughes, Sascha Paeth and Robert Huenke- Rizzo.


July - The "Moon and Rose" tour performs in Turkey, Czech, Germany, and Hungary.
Live concert footage is filmed for the upcoming DVD at Neuhaus, Rheinfelds castle on the Rhine river, and the fan show at Abenburg. The band also films the video for Once in A Million Years and bonfire footage for their new song Christmas Eve at Abenburg Castle.

August - Broadway!! Candice Night and Lady Nancy are asked onstage by the incomparable Hugh Jackman in his Tony award winning show "The Boy From Oz". Candice and Nancy perform Ghost of a Rose and Past Times With Good Company.

September - The US and European release of Beyond the Sunset- the Romantic Album which includes the new song Once In A Million Years. Release date: Sept 14th.

In Japan, All For One, the Best of Blackmore's Night compilation is released on Sept 1st.

October - Beyond The Sunset is at number 3 on the New Age Reporter charts in the USA!

Double Gold albums in the Czech Republic. Fires At Midnight and Ghost of A Rose were awarded gold records at a special ceremony held at Cartouche in Prague.


January 2005 - Die Burg commercial featuring Blackmore's Night song Lorelei.

February - Blackmore's Night tours the west coast for the 1st time to sold out venues.

April - Candice Night for was voted the #38 vocalist of the year in Japan's April 2005 Burrn Magazine. Candice was one of only 2 women to make the list!

May - Release of Castles and Dreams- Blackmore's Night's 1st double DVD enters high on charts throughout Europe.

June - Candice Night is crowned Princess Candice of Magiquest - a ground breaking new adventure park where you create magic with a personalized real Magic Wand. Candice is on the interactive video screens in her own tower in the castle and the songs of Blackmore's Night are heard through out the kingdom. www.magiquest.com

July - Sold out tour of Germany
October 2005 - Tour of Scandinavia and U.K. Begin cooperation with Danish jewelry company www.pilgrim.dk

October - Helloween's album Keeper of the Seven Keys is released with Candice's duet with Helloween called Light The Universe.

December - Christmas Eve, the 1st holiday single by Blackmore's Night climbs to #38 on the USA A/C Billboard charts!


January - Blackmore's Night Castles and Dreams debuts on WLIW as a 1 hour special to help the fund drive for public television. Ritchie and Candice are live in the studio and the other band members even take turns answering the fund drive phones for Public Television Stations. The special continues to be aired throughout America into 2007.

January - Blackmore's Night "Street Of Dreams" was chosen as the ending theme song for "Junk Sports" broadcast on Fuji TV, Japan's biggest TV station. Guests include famous sports personalities such as Tiger Woods (golf), David Beckham (soccer) & Maria Sharapova (tennis).

January - Candice Night appears on the cover of Japan's Cat Diary Magazine (she's the first human to appear in this exclusive Japanese magazine.) with an in depth intervew and lots of photos.

January 7 - Blackmore's Night enters the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts at #38 with their holiday single Christmas Eve

January - Village Lanterne is released in Japan.

February - Village Lanterne moves to #6 in the Japanese Oricon charts for domestically released international artists!

March/April - Village Lanterne released in Europe and USA reaching various high chart positions worldwide.

March 2006- USA/Canada: “The Village Lanterne” debuts at Number 5 on the New Age Reporter Radio Top 100 Airplay chart.. For April the cd moves up to Number 2

March 2006
Within three weeks of release The Village Lanterne has goes gold in Russia and in the Czech Republic it goes to Number 3 on the international Charts

April - Burrn Magazine Reported: Burrnin Albums Charts: Blackmore's Night Village Lanterne ranks Number 2, and Burrnin DVD's Charts Castles and Dreams ranks number 1. a

May “The Village Lanterne” places Number 2 on the NewAgeReporter.com Top 100 Airplay chart for the month. www.newagereporter.com

May -
Blackmore's Night Village Lanterne enters the Czech charts at number 3!

May -
Candice Night attends the Shrewsbury Pa Faerie Festival as the Faerie Magazine Festival Queen.

June - Candice Night reigns Faerie Magazine
Queen 2006 and also takes the second crown as Queen of Western Pa Faerie Festival.

June - Village Lanterne charts on NAR at #3 in the USA

June-September - Blackmore's Night plays to
sold out shows across Europe

July - Magiquest opens their 2nd park featuring Princess Candice in the Poconos, New York.

Summer 2006-Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King debuts on the SCI FI Channel in the USA and releases the soundtrack cd which includes
2 Blackmore's Night tracks : Gone With the Wind and Shadow of the Moon.

September- Helloween releases Light The Universe as a single.Candice and Helloween shoot the video and it is released September 13th.

September- Blackmore's Night plays France's famed Olympia in Paris. It is the 1st time in 10 years the band has played France and they shoot a dvd there to be released in 2007.

November 2006 - Winter Carols entered the radio charts at number 4for Public Radio Stations and College Stations throughout the USA. New Age Reporter November 2006 Top 100 Airways Chart

November 2006 - Winter Carols, the holiday album by Blackmore's Night, is released and enters in at #7 of the Billboard Charts for USA. Where it stays high on the charts until 2007.

December 2006 -"Christmas Eve" gets played throughout Disneyland! On their Disney Village Radio (Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, dans la rue du Disney Village, le marchť de NoŽl and in the streets and the Christmas market of the Village etc. in France.

December 2006 - USA Radio Media charts, " Christmas Eve" # 30 on Adult Contemporary Radio Charts!!!!

December 2006 - Save A Pet and Blackmore's Night: Thanks to all who made donations for Save a Pet at our charity show. We collected over $1000 and many dogs and cats had a good holiday.

December 2006 - Winter Carols debuted at #7 on USA Billboard New Age Charts!! Click here for chart.



January - Winter Carols is voted Album Of The Month for December by New Age Reporter.

December - Paris Moon is NUMBER 1 in November and December for the top 100 New Age Reporter charts

We are also so very happy to be partners once again this year with the World Wildlife Fund in Germany. An additional donation from each ticket will be used to help save the Sumatran Tigers. Click here to read.


The DVDCd box set, Paris moon, reaches #1 on the NAR charts.
 Christmas Eve, the holiday single, was #26 on the German radio charts

July -
new cd release Secret Voyage:

Secret Voyage enters the USA New Age Billboard charts at #1.

August -Blackmore's Night voted #1 cd of the year on Kweevak!

September - Blackmore's Night Honored In Germany for DVD Sales Sept - Blackmore's  Night received a gold DVD award at the Aegi Theater in Hannover Germany for reaching gold status in Germany for their dvd Castles and Dreams.

- "Secret Voyage" is #2 on the September 2008 New Age Reporter
 Top 100 charts

Dec - USA- Blackmore's Night performs their annual invitation only
Holiday Charity show! We were able to raise funds for Save A Pet, Little Shelter and North Shore Animal League!

Dec - "Secret Voyage" is playing throughout Disney Village Disneyland Paris (Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, streets, etc) Songs played are: 1. Can't Help Falling in Love 2. Far Far Away 3. Empty Words 4. Rainbow Eyes.

Dec - Blackmore's Night song Olde Mill Inn is heard in Jim Carrey's
newest film "Yes Man!"

January - "Secret Voyage" was chosen as the winner of the Best Celtic Album title for New Age Reporter!

February  - Secret Voyage has been nominated for Top NAR awards in three categories-
Best Vocal Album of 2008
Best Celtic album of 2008
Best cover artwork for a cd in 2008

March - Secret Voyage was riding high on Top of Billboards New Age
Charts 63 weeks!!!!!

September- Autumn Sky cd enters at #15 in German Charts
September- Autumn Sky in for Swedish charts at position 36
September- In Finland Autumn Sky charts at number 29.
September - Autumn Sky charted in Greece at #23
September- Autumn Sky charted at number 11 in Czech
Sept 20 - Autumn Sky was chosen as CD of the Week on Antene Brandenburg!

January - Autumn Sky debuts at #1 on the USA Billboard Charts for New Age

February - Candice Night plays pennywhistle on our good friend and Schlagger
                star Chantal's single "Das Schiff meiner Traume" or "Ship of my 
                Dreams". It enters at #15 on the Austrian Airplay charts.
February - Candice Night donates signed boots for Kick Up Your Heels auction
                for the Lancaster Opera House raising $305 with a total of 35 bids
                for a wonderful cause.
May - Ritchie and Candice contribute guitar and vocals on William Shatner's
          version of David Bowie's Space Oddity!


"Autumn Sky" wins award for the Best Vocal Album of the Year!

Candice Night endorses Audix Microphones