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October 2014

Finally autumn is here. My favorite month...October. The month of my wedding anniversary, of my favorite holiday and of the official changing of seasons. I have always loved the time of year that the warm weather gives way to cooler breezes, the leaves seem to be celebrating by wearing their proud, brightest colors of reds, oranges and golds... This time of year has been such inspiration for so many songs. From the beginning in Clock Ticks On, to our latest cd with The Last Leaf...October is always in my heart. Click here to see some photos of Halloweens past.

We head back into the studio soon to continue work on our newest cd. 1/2 way done already we are excited to begin work on the rest of the tracks...

News on new releases out soon...

Enjoy the season...till next time.

View behind the scenes pictures from our video shoot!

New Blackmore's Night review in Neues Deutschland
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Blackmore's Night concert review for Berlin Germany

Blackmore's Night Interview in Morgenpost
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New Polish interview in Teraz Rock out now!
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New Polish interview in MLWZ out now!
Polish version | English version

Some amazing pictures by "musicalobserver" from Krefeld show can be found on Flickr: https://t.co/fF5B3ouVhV

Germanys 60 minuten interview with Ritchie and Candice out now http://t.co/XZQsKEfDXW r

Metal Mind Article:

For up to the minute reports, check out my twitter page at twitter.com/trucandicenight

Love and Light,
Candice Night

The Renaissance Magazine with me on the cover is still available: Click Here Special Blackmore Night's Fans! Subscribe for only $25 for 6 issues!





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