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April 2014

Welcome April!

The spring is finally here! After a long winter we are so happy to be outdoors and catching raindrops on our tongues, searching for signs of spring in the colorful flowers awaking from their slumber, and the beautiful songs of birds greeting us daily. It is our favorite minstrels birthday this month, my true Aries, so be sure to have a drink and toast to him on April 14th! Finished a few early rehearsals with our new band members and we are all looking forward to the tour dates! Doing interviews to promote the USA dates as well as the European dates so look for those in your area...we'll let you know when they're out!

We are pround to announce that "Dancer and the Moon" by Blackmore's Night has been nominated for Best Vocal Album of the Year by NAR! | Click here to order now!

Check twitter.com/trucandicenight for up to the minute updates..

Love and Light,
Candice Night

2014 Tour Dates

August 1 - Burg Linn 
Street: Rheinbabenstrasse 85, 
Zip Code: 47809 Krefeld Germany 
Buy Tickets

August 3 - Hanau Germanu 
Philippsruher Allee 48 
63454 Hanau Germany 
Buy Tickets

August 6 - Kloster Hirsau 
Wildbader Strasse 
75365 Calw Germany 
Buy Tickets

August 9 - Festung Mark, Magdeburg 
Street: Hohepfortewall 1 
39104, Magdeburg Germany 
Buy Tickets

August 10 - Klaffenbach 
venue: Wasserschloß Klaffenbach 
Wasserschloß weg 6 
zip-code: 09123 
city: Chemnitz (Germany) Buy Tickets Now

August 15 - Czech Republic
Státní zámek Sychrov
463 44 Sychrov, Czech Republic
Buy Tickets Now

August 16 - Merseburg (Saale) / Germany
Schloßm (Open-Air) 
Street: Domplatz Germany 
Zip Code: 06217 
Buy Tickets Now

August 20th – Serenadenhof, Nurnburg
Bayernstrasse 100
90471 Nurnburg Germany
Buy Tickets

August 21 - Kloster Wiblingen - near Ulm 
Street: Kloster Wiblingen Schlossstrasse 38 
Zip Code: 89079 Ulm-Wiblingen Germany 
Buy Tickets

August 23 - Erfurt / Germany
Zitadelle Petersberg (Open-Air) 
Street: Festwiese Germany 
Zip Code: 99084 
Buy Tickets Now

August 26 - Berlin Germany
Street: Friedrichstr. 101 
Zip Code: 10117 Berlin
Buy Tickets Now
Fans in costume should use promo code FIB2014 to buy in the first three rows.
Tickethotline Ticketmaster: 01806 - 999 000 555*
Calls from abroad: +49 1806 - 999 000 55

August 28 - Katowice/ Zabrze Poland
Dom Muztki Tanka
Gen. De Gaulle'a 17
41-800 Zabrze
Buy Tickets

May 20 Blackmore's Night Concert 
Birchmere Music Hall 
3701 Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 
Buy Tickets Now

** Only New York Concert for 2014 **
On May 22, Blackmore's Night will perform their only New York concert for 2014!
Huntington Paramount Theater Long Island:
Click Here to Buy Tickets Now! | Password: moondance

May 24 Ridgefield Playhouse Theater
80 East Ridge Ridgefield, CT 06877

The Renaissance Magazine with me on the cover is still available: Click Here Special Blackmore Night's Fans! Subscribe for only $25 for 6 issues!





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