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Candice Night

August 2007

To see Blackmore's Night on Frustuck Fernsehen
on ZDF click here!

To see the Euromaxx show on Blackmore's Night
on Germany's DW- click here!

New German Blackmore's Night interview :
Saturday, August, 25th at 9:00 pm on Radio Darmstadt (short RaDar).

Germany: August 9 9:30 PM
Candice will be doing a live phone-in interview with Andre Graziadei in Backbeat on Freies Radio Freudenstadt in the Black Forest.
Tune in to frequency 100,1 / 104,1 and 89,2 antenne.

August 8th, 2007- Germany-
Candice Night interview on Freies Radio Kassel with Karsten Wagner. Tune into Frequenz:105,8 antenne 97,8 kabel

August 3rd Deutsche Welle TV Euromax
will air a Blackmore's Night special including live footage from the performance in Berlin and new interview -7:30 PM in German and 10:30 PM in English

July 30th, 2007- Monday
- Don't miss Blackmore's Night interview and performance of 3 songs on Fruhstucksfernsehen on Germany's Sat 1 from 8-10am!

July 30th
- Blackmore's Night appears on Hallo Berlin with an interview and song performance at 3:30pm!

July 30th
- Candice Night on RBB Radio Eins from 1:30-2:30pm.

July 30th
- Listen to Candice Night live on Antenne Radio Brandenburg on Lollipop show at 7:30pm.

July 28:
Radio interview from Germany available now on Radio Marabu

July 26th
-Candice Night live on AFK Max from 8:15-8:45pm.

Look for interview with Candice Night Coming Soon
in Germany's Visionen Magazine!

I'm on tour in the wonderful castles of Germany right now... But while I'm gone enjoy Natalie and Michael's new Ukrainian websites for us! www.fanblackmoresnight.hotbox.ru or www.fcblackmoresnight.org.ua Also check out these: www.uafcbmn.uaforums.net (forum) And their myspace page: www.myspace.com/bmn_fans_ukrainian_pages

Check out the new Magiquest store where I have been made into a Princess t shirt!

I've also just been added to the Ethereal Voices Website! Thank you...

Hope to see you on the road and will write more soon...

Your Between Us Questions await...

Love and light,